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Why I built this site

Published on • 3 min read min read


I actually enjoy writing, which I still find surprising. I can churn out a 3,000 word Notion doc in a few hours without issue - especially if it’s something I find interesting. But it wasn’t always the case.

You see, I barely passed English every year in school. I was terrible at spelling (turns out I have Dyseidetic Dyslexia) and strongly disliked writing essays. But every now and then we had a “multi modal” assignment where we could present in our work in a creative fashion. Now this is something I could get around! My mind would run wild with all the cool scenes I’d put together in a video, or trying to nail a power point presentation using just images. The content of the assignment would naturally flow, and I’d top the class.

Now I’m out in the real world I can write about topics I’m naturally curious about, in a medium I enjoy (web and tech in general).

Something I find useful about writing is the process of going deeper into your own thoughts. Most the time, they tend to float around in your head as surface level concepts. Abstract in a sense. But you can never really get to the end or close them off. I see the process of writing as a way to anchor your thoughts and create “save points” along the way. This site will be a great way for me to go through that process.

So why don’t I just do this in a private journal? It’s similar to publishing open source software, where the act of getting something out into the world is a forcing function to write good code. Knowing there’s the potential for anyone to read this ensures I write quality content - in turn forming a quality world model.

Here are some points I’d like to follow as I move forward.

  • Not using AI to create or help with any content, or the site itself. There’s a time and a place for AI, but it defeats the point here.
  • Expose a version history of how my thoughts evolve on topics over time (strong opinions loosely held). I’ve got some cool ideas on how this can be done.
  • Craft a story as it all comes together. It might not make sense right now, but remember we’re in the middle of the journey.
  • It’s okay to use inspiration from different sources, but make the final result unique. I always come up with something if I just allow myself the time to think.

I love hearing all the crazy stories and life lessons from people older than me. Now I’m starting to accumulate some of my own, I want to make sure they don’t get lost (even just for my own sake). I hope one day far into the future, one of my ancestors stumbles across this artifact and get’s an insight into my mind. If that’s you, then hello from the past!