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Here's what I'm currently up to. Last updated April 15th, 2024.


I run Knkt Digital with my business partner Stuart Riddle. We're a digital product studio crafting web and AI-native applications.

We have a mix of client projects and our own internal products. We're trying to scale the latter to the point where recurring revenue covers our costs and allows us to dedicate most of our time to them.


I'm currently training for the Port Macquarie Half Ironman on May 5th. The goal for this year is to complete the full Ironman in Busselton at the end of the year.

Strava is the best place to see the latest in this department.


Stop starting things and starting to finishing things. Trying to become more comfortable with the fact that I need to say no to things in order to make progress on the things that matter. And by doing so, that's what makes them matter.


Design patterns, algorthms, data strucutres, and all the other things I never learnt after dropping out of uni.

Vim motions and researching the best "next gen" keyboard to buy.